Our Professional Team

All of our teachers are passionate about music and the development of children.

They create a fun, informal, social setting that spurs engagement and supports each child's musical development. 


photo Olena Ageyeva, GWP Preschool and Family Program

Program Director

Curriculum Developer 

Music Together® Instructor (Preschool and Parent-Child Classes) 

Russian Play Group Instructor




photo Anna Hoover

PreK -K Teacher

English Language Arts 

photo Diana Mironova, Russian Znayka School

Russian Language Arts




photo Laura Prichard, Keys for Kids

Music Appreciation


Yelena Sirota

Yelena Sirota is a graduate of the prestigious Saint-Petersburg Academy of Arts, specializing in restoration and duplication of fine art. Yelena participated in the restoration of world-renowned artwork, as well as frescoes and murals displayed in such institutions as The Kronshdat Palace, The Pushkin Palace and the Saint-Petersburg Museum in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. As an accomplished artist, Yelena’s works have won various Russian artistic competitions and have been exhibited in Russia, Italy, Germany and other Western-European countries.

Presently, Yelena resides in Newton, Massachusetts, where she has begun to revitalize her career as an artist and provides private instruction in art classes and arts crafts as well as freelance design.

photo Cristiane Sciaba



photo Dinara Nickovic

I have a background in music (piano) and education.

Making music with my daughter inspired me to work with very young children. I am passionate about music and about making music together with kids. I look forward to the wonderful experience of helping your children discover the amazing world of music and learning.




GWP Preschool Teachers

GWP Preschool Teachers are all highly qualified and hold Degree in Early Childhood Education.